“Chiropractic - Main Points of Treatment”

<The Chiropractic Treatment Methods Used by the Juzen Chiropractic Health Care Clinic>

We avoid using treatment methods that involve spine cracking or manually straightening cranial bones at the Juzen Chiropractic Health Care Clinic.

Our patients are asked to lie down on a special table designed for chiropractic purposes, and then stimulation is applied to a single location in the upper cervical vertebrae while the patient maintains the same position. The treatment applied to this location in the upper cervical vertebrae is also good for treating bad posture (being part of the same motor function.) For example, backaches and problems with internal organs can be also cured by concentrating treatment on this one area.

We never directly treat the area of pain or use electrical treatment, as the objectives of our treatment are not aimed solely at relieving the symptoms or straightening bone structure. Providing direct therapy for the symptoms is nothing more than forcibly applying learned chiropractic techniques to the human body.

The appearance of symptoms is proof that the healing process has already begun. By identifying and removing the source of the symptoms, it is possible to alleviate the secondary problems it causes (the symptoms) and assist the patient in regaining his or her health.

<The Flow of Chiropractic Therapy>

(1) Informed consent (explaining processes and receiving full comprehension.)

(2) Examination of postural and facial deflection and the range of free movement.

(3) Safe manual therapy (consists of gently applying force to a single location on the upper cervical vertebrae, and is consequently safe for all patients from infants to the elderly.)

(4) Recuperation period of one hour laid on a bed to help the patient stabilize after the therapy.

(5) Examination implemented in (2) repeated for confirmation purposes.

(6) Consultation on general health.

(7) Explanation of post-therapy precautions to observe.

<Precautions Regarding Therapy>

Curative effects can usually be detected more or less immediately after chiropractic therapy, but there are cases where more than one therapy session will be needed to feel the full effects, depending on the condition of the body.

It is also not uncommon for the body to feel heavy during the recovery process (especially during the early stages of therapy,) but this is because the body uses more energy than usual as it tries to correct the problem itself. This tiredness is a temporary condition as the body progresses along the road to recovery, and it is no cause for concern.

Some patients may also experience a sensation of pain or numbness in the affected area, but this is another indicator that the body is trying to heal itself, and we assure you that it will have no adverse effects whatsoever. It is a temporary condition that occurs when pressure is taken off the nerve, and is quite similar to the pain that is felt when feeling rushes back to your feet after they have gone to sleep owing to kneeling on the floor for an extended period.

“Informed Consent is our Byword”
“Explanations take approximately ten minutes.”